Ever INHIBEO has been setting new standards of excellence in the area of Water & Waste Water management & Solid Waste Management. With our strategy aligned along solutions, services, and recent technologies for Cheap and Best.
At INHIBEO WATER we have always believed that Technology holds the key to success. Development and application of newer Technology, which are developed and built around high level of expertise and experience gained through our successful engagement in various projects is a way of life. This is true of both the water and environment range of solutions offered by us in India.


Our vision is towards environment, ecology and its restoration. Now a day environmental resources are being used much faster than they are able to renew and regenerate themselves. With grave environmental challenges facing the world, we at INHIBEO WATER are committed to our client’s best advantage through process improvement, waste minimization, resource optimization and pollution prevention and control for sustainable development.


Our commitment and compliance with quality standards are for Engineering, Design and Contracting. We are dedicated to inculcating a culture of continuous quality improvement and economic value addition, achieved through an optimal deployment of resources and waste elimination. Our underlying emphasis on systems, values, culture and an approach focused on customer delight has made us the preferred partner, consultant and performance contractor for some of the clients in India.