Sewage Treatment at INHIBEO WATER offers a variety of treatment alternatives, in sewage treatment starting from small-prefabricated package plants to multi million gallon capacity municipal sewage treatment plants. In line with our dedication to the principle of sustainable development with appropriate technology, we offer variety of treatment alternative in sewage treatment. Our systems are designed taking into consideration type and size of plant, available resources in terms of capital, manpower and space with an emphasis on maximum possible reuse and recycle various sewage treatment alternatives offered by At INHIBEO WATER are:

Conventional Activated Sludge Treatment
Conventional Moving Bed Bio reactor (MBBR/FAB)
Submerged aerobic fixed film System (SAFF)
AGABR(Attached Growth Aerobic Bio Reactor)(Modified MBBR)
ECO-BATCH Fully or partially automatic ultra modern plant based on state of art Sequencing Batch Reactors technology (SBR)

We also offer simple and economical systems for treatment of sludge (waste from kitchen and bathrooms) and laundry waste based on Physico-chemical separation followed by filtration and disinfections. Practically 100% water is recovered and could be reused for flushing, washing, cooling etc.