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Industrial Effluent

Improved waste characterization

The better we understand industrial waste, the easier it is to determine and apply the optimum processes for its treatment. Our work concentrates on characterizing the pollutant load using fast methods that can be applied online and on-site, and more thorough analytical methods used in particular to characterize effluent with low biodegradable potential.

Optimize treatment processes

Here, the aim is to make treatment performance more reliable, or in other words to improve the pollution treatment results, reduce energy consumption, make facilities more reliable, ensure long-term efficiency and, lastly, safeguard operation. With these aims in mind, the work performed by our company explores the possibilities provided by existing technology (physical-chemical, thermal, biological and membrane processes) while seeking to better understand the phenomena involved.

Industrial effluent recovery

Capitalizing on our extensive treatment expertise, we always seek to recover certain components of industrial effluent within the context of global treatment processes. In this way, our company will contribute to the development of durable treatment processes that include separation, removal, neutralization and stabilization processes as well as the recovery of by-products from these treatment processes

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