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Waste Water Service

For wastewater services, our research work aims to avoid human contamination, combat the deterioration in ecological balances and meet communities’ fresh water needs.

Improve performance

The task of researchers Inhibeo Environment is to rapidly improve existing wastewater processes and systems. This involves work on improving the effectiveness and the costs of biological treatment, developing global management solutions for wastewater systems, preserving the natural environment and fresh water resources and, lastly, managing sludge quantities, quality and processing.

Improved risk prevention

The adaptation of our plants to the foreseeable tightening of regulatory requirements and the commitment to improving their performance are also targeted by our research work. We perform qualitative and quantitative assessments of the environmental and health impacts of our wastewater treatment activities, especially with regard to emerging pollutants and carbon footprints. At the same time, we are examining solutions to isolate and treat that part of the sludge that is difficult to recover.

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